If you need to use XDC as utility, you can buy from the link below. The XDC token is the underlying utility token that powers XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain. The XDC token acts as a settlement mechanism for DApps built on the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain.

To date, use cases built around XinFin's XDC utility token are: MyContract, TradeFinex, Kramaa, Land Registry, iFactor, Blockdegree and TurantPay.

Phasing out XDCe - ERC20 Token

XDC Mainnet token is supported by an ecosystem of wallets and exchanges including a tier 1 exchange. Anyone looking to interact with Dapps on XinFin Network can acquire XDC from these markets.

XDCe, ERC20 token which has been pegged to XDC at 1:1 till 6th Dec 5:30 GMT is no longer supported by XDC ecosystem. Anyone holding XDCe with Txhash before 6th Dec 5:30 GMT can swap the XDCe to XDC 1:1 alphaex.net subject to the exchange KYC/AML compliance. The deadline of this swap is 31st March 2021.

Institutional investors looking to work with XDC Protocol can write at [email protected]

Exchange and wallet partners

XDC Trading now live on below Exchange


Wallets Supporting XDC

XDC Mobile Wallet (Android App)

XDC Web Wallet

XinPay (XDC Extension Wallet)

Guarda Wallet

Institutional Custodian

Check your XDC transaction and Contract details

XDC & XDCE is Swappable now 1:1 on AlphaEx. The deadline of this swap is 31st March 2021. After 31st March 2021 XDCe (ERC20 version) Token will be phase out.

Contract address for XDCE, the ERC20 token is



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XinFin (www.XinFin.org) is a Hybrid Blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance. We have developed a highly scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Blockchain architecture. XinFin Blockchain is powered by XDC protocol, which is built over the first of its kind Hybrid Blockchain architecture to eliminate the inefficiencies in global trade and financing and to enable institutions provide real time settlement as well as enabling cross border smart contracts.

XDC protocol is architected to support smart contracts layer, KYC/AML layer and price stability using it's hedge pool for existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoincash BCH, Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP on it's tradefinex.org platform. The XDC protocol also supports FIAT payment methods and will support upcoming nationally issued cryptocurrencies.

XDC Ecosystem


Roger Ver

CEO - Bitcoin.com

Take a look at any Who's Who in Bitcoin list and you'll find Roger Ver near the top of that list. Dubbed 'Bitcoin Jesus', Ver is a pioneer for Bitcoin adoption around the world. In 2011, Ver's company, MemoryDealers.com, became the first mainstream company to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. He is considered to be the first Bitcoin angel investor, Ver is a proponent of libertarianism and voluntaryism, believing in an everyone's right to freedom of choice in Global Trade and Finance. These beliefs are in harmony with XinFin's mission, which is to open up to the Global Trade and Finance for USD 27 Trillion market, offering everyone the potential for a swift & wealthier individual lifestyle.

Mate Tokay

COO - Bitcoin.com

Mate Tokay is without question one of Bitcoin's and Bitcoin Cash most active and vocal proponents. In 2012, he graduated from the International Business School in Budapest. After college, he helped launch Superior14 a food supplement company. Mate first heard about Bitcoin in late 2012 and began bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners. Later he founded the Bitcoin news and review website called Bitcoinist. Tokay's role within the XinFin community is Focusing on a larger vision and communicating that vision to others, His goal and passion is to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.

Jason Butcher

Co-Founder - BlockChain Hub, COO - Coinpayments

A seasoned professional with nearly three decades of hands on experience starting businesses globally. Jason Is the COO of CoinPayments which is the oldest and largest Crypto currency payment platforms and he is actively involved as an advisor with the Canadian Blockchain Association, the Fintech advisor for the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, a founding member of [email protected], a founder of the Blockchain Innovation Hub and participates regularly in global Blockchain and Crypto currency organizations. Jason at XinFin is Active Blockchain Advisor helping us in Blockchain strategy and build decentralized applications using Blockchains and smart contracts.

Sydney Ifergan

CMO, Crypto and ICO Expert

Sydney holds a degree in computer science and has 20+ years commercial experience. He has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage. In recent years, he has been consulting to various brokerages globally on their online marketing and the utilization of technology to improve their results.

Simon Bowles

Blockchain Advisor and Consultant

Simon has almost 20 years experience across capital markets, fintech and Blockchain. He served as CEO of a leading European digital wallet and he has held other C-level positions within fintech in Malta. Simon began his career in investment banking and private equity in London, before working as a trader at hedge funds such as C-View, and First New York Securities. He has also acted as a consultant for leading companies such as McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Credit Suisse, KKR and continues to advise Blockchain startups on their market, trading and regulatory strategies. Simon will help XinFin in regulatory and organisational tie ups in EU and help XinFin to grow ecosystem in European Region.

About The Team


Clif High


Highly Respected Crypto Predictor and Analyst

While nothing with government in it can ever be really good, the idea of taking a libertarian approach to supplying government, is a good idea, apparently as a formative entry into a new 'space' within cryptocurrencies.

The data suggests that XinFin is going to get 'pops' within its pricing due to position in the space, which should provide the growing room, both for XinFin, and the many competitors who will come into the 'global procurement arena'.

Expect several new entries into this space over just the next few months. XinFin, as both an early riser, and a 'non-profit' organization, show as being stand-out through 2017. By the end of this year though, the space will be so crowded as to be forcing 'niche paradigms' on our understanding of the dynamics of this layer of global human activities.

This will be a very good space, with longer term producers some of which will be powerhouses for decades. Will XinFin? Cannot be said with certainty now, but does seem a reasonable study for entry into what will become perhaps the largest, non-retail marketplace ever created, procurement for aggregated planetary government. Again, as has been mentioned in the past, we here at halfpasthuman have some specific language for sub categories within this area as temporal markers for very explosive growth in 2018.

Partnerships & Alliances

Ramco to build global solutions in Partnership with XinFin

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TradeFinex is a peer to peer decentralized platform Powered by XDC for Trade Finance originators to distribute deals to wide range of bank or non-bank funders. TradeFinex is interoperable with a wide range of Trade Finance Digitization Platforms. Connect your origination platforms to a wide network of funders & get access to the secondary market distribution marketplace.

White Paper

Learn about the different Blockchain based applications and usage in the real world scenarios. Obtain a greater understanding of the development side technical part; along with the business side application part of the Blockchain based platforms.

What is XDCe?

XinFin has released a swappable token under the ticker, XDCE. Releasing an ERC20 token has a wide array of benefits for traders, private investors and institutional level partners. The XDCE token will largely be for traders to compete against other ERC20 tokens across exchange boards making XinFin's reach more versatile in the open Crypto Market and can be swapped with the standard XDC token. The XDCE token will be available and will be tradeable on most exchanges. This means traders will reap the benefit of high volume and quick trades through multiple exchanges. Traders, by using the XDCE token, will allow for the XDC (XDC) token to be used primarily for institutional level partners. Most importantly, this will also allow the XDC to grow strictly from use cases, all the while keeping traders, using XDCE, connected and benefiting from the growth of the XDC.

Token Distribution

  • Founders, Advisors, Core Team Members & Community - 40.00%
  • Ecosystem Development - 26.67%
  • Contingency - 6.66%
  • Pre Placement - 26.67%

Milestone & Roadmap

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