Interoperability with ISO20022 standard and legacy systems

XinFin is built on the foundation of a hybrid interoperable blockchain platform that can empower the legacy financial, ERP, banking systems with the cutting edge blockchain technology based trust system.

XinFin Private Network lets any kind of enterprises connect their legacy systems with a Blockchain Network using the XDC Protocol and messaging compatible with ISO20022 standard. This gives enterprises a flexibility to convert the legacy system operation from a Hub-n-spoke single point of failure operation to a distributed or decentralised system.

Interoperability with ISO20022 standard and legacy systems

Know more about ISO20022 Standard: Disjoint systems and data can now interact using the XDC Protocol and enable themselves with smart-contracts for any kind of business logic thereby eliminating any manual intervention or intermediary driven communication between any two parties.

Impel is a fintech innovator that uses blockchain technology to deliver financial messaging (ISO 20022) with optional collateral for instant settlement, and a bridge to the R3 Corda platform to future-facing banks and fintechs.

To enable cross-platform interaction between your enterprise with any external system with limited data and transaction transparency, you can choose from the following tools.

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